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Stone masonry services

We carry out all construction work, and specialize in the construction of all types of walls of different sizes, in an extremely short period of time.

Prefabricated stone walls

We present to you an innovation in the construction of stone walls. Our prefabricated stone walls are distinguished by high quality and durability of building modules, and by a short construction period. In a short period of time, your yards and gardens can achieve a completely new, modern appearance.

The walls, depending on your preferences, may have one or two facades.

Prefabricated stone house

It is ideal for the construction of a residential or vacation house, or for the construction of an auxiliary facility.

Classic wall construction

We specialize in the construction of all types of stone walls

Split stone

Split stone is an ideal material for classic wall construction

Massive "bunja" stone

We make massive 'bunja' stones from traditional Kastav grey stone of various dimensions.

Stone decorations

Stone tables, stone vases, stone staircases

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